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The home for professionals, paranormal researchers, psychics, mediums and those interested in all things spiritual.

We are here to promote the very best business people who work within the alternative, spiritual, relaxation and psychic fields and help those seeking information about unlocking their potential.

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About Us has been established to promote professionals and help users who wish to explore the world of alternative practices.
There are many well recognised mediums, spiritualists, therapists, healers and teachers who use methodologies that are compatible and can even enhance best practice in business and management.
The recognition of the professionalism and discipline required to be successful in these fields is in part the mission of some of our members.
On the more caring face, we want to ensure that appropriate guidance is given to people who feel lost, do not know what to make of premonitions, dreams and other signs of emerging abilities.

For many people the division between psychic and psychology is a fuzzy grey line that gets crossed many times during our lives with no clear boundary and often the ability to dismiss what we observe ourselves is called upon to avoid explanation.
We hope that the community forums will be used in persuit of truth, even if it is a truth that many of us may not be comfortable with for whatever reason, it should be done with respect for others and with a true interest in exploring the nature of the human condition.

We welcome you all to explore your world, post questions and most importantly to work to make a positive difference to the way the world perceives our communities.

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